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Current List Price: $499,900
Address: 35517 S. Aqua Springs Road, Molalla, Oregon, 97038
About 35517 S. Aqua Springs Road, Molalla, Oregon, 97038
Get away from boredom with this constructive, non-typical yet quality decision and sculpt your own unique future here! The photos tell the story best of this lovely property currently for sale. Find here an open field boarded by the privacy of timber, set atop a hill high enough to enjoy the distant views of the coastal mountain range . Please note the map, this lot boarders two streets within this friendly subdivision and is bordered on one side by a neighbors lot that faces Pierce road. 32.66+/- acres of timber, pasture, views and creek....... The view of the coast range is fantastic..... a hike through the woods could be a fun challenge. Please note wildlife currently lives her. Teasel Creek is along the far property line. The current home site (with hook ups in existence) is at the second entrance to the property. The second entrance is where there is currently a storage shed. The main gated entrance is off a long driveway. We and the HOA currently utilize for access. The HOA uses this entrance as the Subdivision's two wells are located on this property. See recorded agreement for particulars. Most of the property can be accessed from this gated entrance. after viewing this portion; (then) go to the end of Aqua Springs road to the emergency vehicle turn around and note the directional sign pointing to this end. Then go to the end of Tall timber and down around onto Fawn view to see the well groomed park-like portion of this lot. On this lot, you will find lots of infrastructure already placed here and ready for further development for/of more subdivision or use for an RV park or a single privately located home. All would require discipline and courage in working with the county and Forest Haven HOA.... but the potential is definitely here. One naturally occurring spring (which previously serviced 60 homes) goes with the sale of the property. The timber crop will be harvest-ready in about 15 years+/-. "Most of the time we are unaware of the true motivations behind the choices we make...... " but not in this case. This property could be a money maker.... phone and we could discuss potential other ideas for your deep analysis prior to purchase... Or, purchase and enjoy the rural privacy of hilltop living! This property shown by appointment only. Please have your agent schedule an appointment.
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Aimee Davis
Real Estate Agent Expert in Local Clackamas County
Principal Broker
(503) 468-5388
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You work hard, so do I.
You know ethics are important, so do I.
You believe that communication is key to a good working relationship, so do I.
You know that honesty is the foundation of any good relationship, so do I.
You understand that you get what you pay for, so do I.
You plan for the future, so do I.
You have goals, plans, dreams and ambitions, so do I.
You take your responsibilities in life seriously, so do I.
You know that sometimes you just have to do something different in order to get the job done, so do I.
You believe that everything works out the way it's supposed to, so do I.
You know from life experience that faith is what gets us through tough times so do I.
You know that being nice is more important than being right all the time, so do I.
You know that change is inevitable, you research it, embrace it and move forward, so do I.
You know working together is a choice that holds both an element of risk, confidence and faith, so do I.

For Sellers:
We use an integrated approach to selling your real estate investment, whether it is your primary residence, second home, commercial property, farm, investment property or business opportunity. With skill and proficiency we provide service like no other real estate organization in the area. We understand the intricacies of residential, commercial, farm and investment properties. We utilize facts, honesty, and proven techniques to skillfully sell your real estate. We access a vast database of property listings, knowledge of local markets, time-tested sales and marketing experience as well as an understanding of the dynamics of the selling process and how like the human experience can be fluid and at times and at others it can ask you to be patient. We take great pride in using our experience, resources available and innovation to artfully unite buyers and sellers needs.

We do our homework; we look at the big picture as well as your local market. We know that your net is important and sometimes the deciding factor in your real estate process.

We also know that motivated sellers want advice about preparing their real estate for sale, so here it is; E-mail, call or stop by the office to hire Aimee to market your real estate investment for sale. If you are preparing to sell your real estate, be sure that it has fantastic curb appeal. In Real Estate, first impressions only take about 45-50 seconds to create, regardless of whether the first impression is good or bad. Consider investing time and money in making the exterior so desirable that it causes the consumer to want to come inside. Consider hiring a structural inspector to make sure that there aren’t any unnoticed issues with the property. If there are issues, such as pest and dry rot issues, electrical, etc., consider investing the money and time to repair these prior to listing for sale. If it is a residence or multifamily unit, consider purchasing and offering for the prospective buyer a home warranty. Be prepared to strategically price your property for the most participation and activity as soon as it goes up for sale. Finally, if you will be purchasing another property… talk with your mortgage broker/banker about your loan options for your next purchase. All of the above will improve your sale price, decrease the time on market and aid to obtain the highest dollar amount for your investment.

For Buyers:
We know that homes encompass memories, relationships, and treasured possessions. We know that investments in real estate for profit making ventures encompass both long and short-term rewards and risks. To fully represent you in your real estate purchase, we not only listen to what your goals are, we search, advise, direct you to information to aid in your informed decision making process, negotiate on your behalf, facilitate the transaction and maintain availability for your future real estate needs. Send e-mail, call or stop by the office and let us know what it is you or your friends and family are currently looking for.

If you are not purchasing with cash, you will want to contact your mortgage broker or mortgage banker to do the work to obtain a loan approval. This is important so that you have a full understanding of how much you feel comfortable spending on your real estate purchase. If you need names and numbers to begin your real estate purchase, just let us know.

Hope you have a wonderful day, Take Care....

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